About Me

Hello, I’m Dola, a passionate customer experience and digital technology millenial.  My career has been dedicated to helping organisations think about how they create better experiences for their customers so they stay in business, creating new innovations to help their customers achieve the best when buying from them or using their services.

I’ve been doing this for over 10 years, working for some of the biggest global brands.  I’ve worked in the Big 4 Consulting firms, where I created methodologies for measuring and improving customer experience and designing customer centric organisations from the inside out.  I’ve worked for one of the world’s most renowned technology firms, working on million-pound, award winning digital transformation projects. I’ve also worked for the Big 4 UK Banks, both as a consultant and as an employee! So enough experience and organisations to call me a bit of an obsessessed customer experience geek! Hey if that’s what it takes for me to rid the world of bad service and experience one organisation at a time – I’ll take it!

I’m all about sharing what great experiences are made of, whether it’s innovative digital technology that automatically knows what I’m going to need in next week’s shopping by calling up my fridge and pantry; or the physical experience of walking into a bakery and smelling the aroma of freshly baked almond croissants (yup that’s my favourite) or simply managing to catch a South Eastern train with no delays (I don’t ask for much).

I’d like you to share your experiences of interactions with organisations – either as an individual, or ones you’ve created in your organisation. Then together we can rid the world of bad service and create great experiences one blog post at a time!