Consumer behaviour and disruption

Gosh I’ve missed writing! Why have I left it for so long? Well the good thing is I’ve been triggered! I’ve been observing changing behaviours lately and the impact it has on disruption of industries and businesses.  This was triggered by a picture shared in our Harvard Business School cohorts WhatsApp group last week. It […]

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Experience Matters – especially when it comes to our money

It’s often said that customers (you and I) want moments that are: seamless fast convenient memorable A no brainer really, pretty much stating the obivous I would say. Now, let’s take this into the financial services space.  Money matters and therefore customer experience in financial services should matter big time. Whether it’s payments, creating wealth, […]

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Let’s get personal

When you first get to know someone, how personal do you get? Do you start referring to them by their nick name? Do you reveal the extent of your social media stalking? The fact you know what they ate this weekend, who they ate it with or the snapchat filter they like best? Can you reveal that you’ve already deduced their age by looking at the dates of education and employment on their LinkedIn Profile? Do you get personal quickly enough to feel comfortable asking them how their grandmothers birthday party turned out, because you caught them at the ‘Grandma’s’ aisle when they posted that Instagram selfie in Clinton Cards?

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UX vs. CX

It’s one of those things being debated a lot lately and rightly so.  As we are living in the age of digitisation, the term user and customer are being used interchangeably especially when referring to the design of an ‘online’ or digital experience.  What is the difference between UX (User Experience) and CX (Customer Experience)? […]

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