What’s this about Dola?

Good question! Here’s what I would like it to be:

  1. A blog to inspire and be a voice for the generation of the millenial workforce who are leading and growing careers in customer experience, business transformation and new technology innovation.
  2. The blog will be a place to share hot topics in the customer experience and customer innovation space; including ‘how to’s’ and knowledge sharing on how to create better customer experiences (CX) that increase loyalty, increase revenue and positively impact organisations.  Afterall, creating a memorable experiences is just one way of making the world a better place right?
  3. Lastly a place for sharing the best experiences I come across while travelling, eating, sleeping or just wandering about my daily life. Hopefully plenty of you will also contribute by sharing your experiences of companies that are doing it right and worth talking about.

I’m working on initial content, putting my thoughts together and drafing the first few blogs.  Like the dedicated, self motivated(!!) person I am, I’ve given myself a target launch date of Sunday 3rd September 2017.  So come back and check then.  In the meantime if there are any topics you’d be interested in getting my thoughts on – feel free to pass me a note.

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